Saturday, March 1, 2008

Posting and parties

Well, I realize that it has been too long since I last posted to update everyone on what I am doing here. Of course the simple excuse is, I'm a busy exchange student who has a lot of commitments, well I probably could do a better job posting, but there is always some kind of urgent matter that I have to deal with. I will get pictures loaded from my trip to Abisko and Kiruna shortly. I had a good trip, it was expensive but I really enjoyed the scenery and the cross-country skiing. We saw the Northern lights for about 15 minutes or so, not very long, but long enough to get a taste of their beauty and magnificence. We saw the ice hotel near Kiruna, which was quite an amazing site with over thirty rooms decorated with ice. The only major disappointment was not being able to go dogsledding because no one thought to make reservations ahead of time. But it was a beautiful place and I really enjoyed it. We flew up and took the train back. The train, even though it took 18 hours to ride from Abisko to Kiruna, gave me a nice view of the Swedish landscape for about 5 of those hours. It gradually changed from a scene of snow and frozen lakes a rivers to a snowless, iceless landscape.
This past week has been farely normal with me starting a new class on the Vikings, and going to the International Bible Study, playing basketball, and doing a debate club. Tonight I had my second gasque, and international gasque. It was like the reccegasque except for international students. They had some good entertainment like a men's choir and a group of musicians that played swedish folk music on violins. The international students really didn't know the songs and the toasting was not really to protocol, but it was still good. I didn't stay too long afterwards for the after party as there were a lot of Swedish students who were coming to the pub as well and so it was very crowded and loud, and so I decided to walk home. I have concluded the Swedes are just as likely to get drunk as Americans or Australians, and when they get drunk they are no longer reserved or quiet. Not all Swedes are like that, just as not all Americans or Australians want to get drunk, but it seems like a majority don't mind.
Well that is all for now, like i said I hope to post more frequently in the near future.

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