Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another day

I thought I would continue from last post and record some thoughts from today. So much goes into the study abroad experience and I think that it is easy to forget the details. But today, during the break for the lecture I discussed with a German classmate the joys of Latin and reading Cicero and Ovid. Then during lunch my Italian friend and I did a Google Earth exchange. I showed him where I lived and he showed me where he lived in Rome. It was quite cool and we both enjoyed the experience. Google Earth gives us a different perspective on the world, it was the first time my friend had seen Rome on Google Earth. So it was fun working to figure out where his university and house were located. After some studying time I went to Swedish class and learned about adjectives and plural nouns. Then I came home and ate dinner. I went up a couple flights of stairs to discuss with a fellow student about a trip to Stockholm we will be taking Saturday. His corridor seemed like it was a bit more lively than mine, some students were having a movie night in his corridor. Anyway, after my visit I went to ICA, the grocery store a 5 minute walk away from my building to purchase most importantly, coffee, and then other things of lesser importance like soap. Finally I recently got done talking with a 2 hour long conversation with a corridor mate about a variety of subjects from Vikings to European soccer, Champions League. It was interesting to compare European soccer fans with US fans of MLB, NBA, and NFL. We talked about the college sports scene and how US universities spend a lot of money on sports. I learned that soccer and hockey are equally popular in Sweden but Sweden is usually better at hockey.
Anyway another interesting day, but I'd better get to bed as I have a lot of studying to do tomorrow.

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Sara said...


Isn't it fun talking about stuff with people from different parts of the's amazing what little things you never think of that people can view so differently.

Hope things are fab in Sweden! Spring is taunting us with its appearance every other day or so here...