Wednesday, March 12, 2008

my life

Today was another great reminder for me of how great it is to have the opportunity to study abroad. I thought I would record everything I did today to give people a look at what I do on Tuesday anyway. Some days are much more uneventful. Anyway today I started by trying to figure out course options for Purdue. And then I met a friend from England for lunch at Snerikes nation to talk about a trip to Stockholm that we are planning to take this Saturday. After the lunch I started to work on registration for classes. Then I met a friend from the Netherlands for coffee at a very nice cafe. By then it was getting around 16.00 so I left for home and made dinner of pan-fried fish and potatos. I finished dinner just in time to rush down to the gospel choir which meets at 18.00 at a church in town. I sang with them for an hour and then i went to a debate club. This club meets every other week from 19.00-20.00. Their debates are always in English. I debated as the person who was going to be there did not show up. The topic was that Swedish cars are superior to American cars. That was a fun topic, I was affirmative (another american was also affirmative). After the debate we talked, I met an American guy from Boston doing a master's degree here. It was interesting to talk to him and compare notes about how we were experiencing Uppsala, learning Swedish, the classes and things like that. (This is one of the reasons I enjoy the debate club so much, I get to meet new people almost every time). After the debate club I came back to Flogsta and got ready to go play basketball at 22.00. I went with a Greek friend from my corridor. The basketball was fun, I had three baskets (which for me is a lot, as my offensive production is not very high). We played for about an hour and a half. Then I came back and ate, and had a nice long conversation with my friend about politics, Turkey, Bush, food, and other random things. Now it is 2:34 am. And I have class tomorrow at 10, and then Swedish at 16.00. Tomorrow will hopefully be another exciting day.
Today represented what I enjoy about this experience, I am meeting people and making friends with people from across the world. I get to talk about interesting subjects with them. And overall, it is just really fascinating, and I am so thankful to be here. I have such good memories of a lot of things. Well off to bed, and another busy day.

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