Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Leading worship

Well last night was an exciting night for me as I was able to lead the singing at the International Bible Study. The two other guys who normally lead the singing were unable to make it to the Study, and so one of them asked me if I wanted to lead the worship. I said okay, but I told him that we would be singing psalms from my psalter, he said "no problem." We had already sang one psalm for a birthday the previous week, but I had never led worship before. Well, everything went great, several people told me that they appreciated singing the psalms. We sang Psalm 46C, 57B, 104A, and 72C. Everyone caught on to the tunes fairly quickly. Anyway, I never really anticipated being able to lead psalm singing in Sweden, but God is good. So that's the latest from here.


Jared said...

This is great! I'm excited to hear about your leadership among the group and the good reception singing psalms received.

bethoven said...

Hey, Adam, I just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading all your posts! I had a neighbor when I was younger from Estonia so I enjoyed hearing about your travels there. I'm very glad you've been able to meet other Christians, too. It sounds like a great experience for you. Enjoy it!

SaraY said...

So how soon is there going to be an RP Mission in Sweden that I can go to? ;-)

How many people are in the International Bible Study? Where are they from?