Monday, March 10, 2008

Min födelsedag

Idag är min födelsedag. Okay, let that be my first attempt at Swedish on my blog. I should make use of this Swedish class sometime. Well I am a little bit I practiced with a friend that I met for lunch. We tried about 10 minutes of primarily Swedish, and then my head was about ready to burst and we switched to english. It was good practice, and I need to do it more often, but it was also very challenging practice. It takes a lot of discipline to try to learn swedish because english is not hard to use here. However, swedish is the main language and I would be able to integrate better into Swedish culture if I knew swedish. But it is very challenging.
Anyway, I said today was my birthday, I haven't done anything special, yet, but in about 30 minutes the Bible study will meet and we will see what they have planned. There is another member who also has her birthday today, so we will have a combined celebration. We are going to sing a couple psalms. I picked out 119B, and the other person will also pick out some psalms. Besides that I am not sure what else is going on.
Since my last post I have attended a birthday party for a friend from Hong Kong, attended a reccedinner at Gothenburgs nation, attended praise and worship night, and another party where I was able to do a little swing dancing. I also went to a couple concerts in the domkyrkan, the cathedral here. It was very cool to hear the church music from Monteverdi and others in the tall building. Both concerts were free and were very well done. Uppsala has a very good classical music scene with concerts and things just about every week.
I am realizing that it is okay to just live in a town, I don't need to travel somewhere every week, because I don't usually do that back at Purdue. I certainly haven't done that, having only gone outside of Uppsala and Stockholm twice, but sometimes I wished I traveled more. But now I realize that moderate traveling is good because then I can actually experience life in Uppsala. Well, those are some things that I have been doing, well, I should probably get ready to go to Bible Study now. Thank-you to everyone for the birthday wishes.

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