Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting connected to Christians

Things have happened quickly, and I am slowly starting to feel like this is my home as I get to know more and more people and get accustomed to different ways of doing things. On Sunday I was able to attend a Baptist church that had a Swedish service, but had headphones through which a translator translated what the preacher was saying. The preacher said he was an ecumenical preacher, but he did have some interesting things to say about the church being a good influence in the world, an interesting contrast. The service was fairly traditional, with a guitar, piano, and organ being the sole instruments used. Tonight I went to an international student Bible Study, led by a priest from the Church of Sweden. He actually grew up in California and decided to come to Sweden based on a call of God (as he put it). Most of the other students are graduate students, but they were all friendly and it at least puts me in contact with some other Christians. The priest had actually just come from the United States from a Young Life conference and so he was talking about his experience there. I think that I will have plenty of doctrinal differences with the leader, but I think that they uphold the gospel and will be a good group to meet with.

The other big thing I did today was to go to a reception where I learned more about the thirteen student nations at Uppsala. The student nations have a deep history at Uppsala University, most of them are at least 300 years old. They represent a geographical region of Sweden and range in size from 600 members to 7000 members. Each nation has a pub, a cafe in a building and provides activities from sports to choirs. There are some things that members of one nation can do with a member of another nation, but it is important to choose a nation that fits one's style. I have to sign up at a particular nation tomorrow. I think I have one in mind. We'll see how things go. So I am becoming more encouraged as I stay for a longer time. My room and building are starting to feel a little like home. Well I probably should go to bed, and get up for a busy day tomorrow.


Graham said...

service sounds a lot like what I have experienced in Yemen. So many people from so many places, all with a different interpretation, trying to get along enough to worship God. Sometimes it works, somtimes it doesn't.

# 47 said...

Hey, glad to hear that you've made it safe and are finding other people of God! His providences in our life are encouraging. :)
The first few weeks in a new country are so unique and special, enjoy them!

Katie said...

Are nations like a combination of greek life and teams? It sounds interesting.