Sunday, April 27, 2008

April wrapup

So when I got back to Uppsala things seemed to have changed somewhat. The sun shone a little more, the weather was a bit warmer. I started a new class on the Development of the Swedish Welfare State. It is a very interesting class. One of the professors actually graduated from Purdue University and was born in Gary, Indiana. What a coincidence. But both professors are very good and engaging.
During April I made two trips on consecutive weekends. One to Oslo to see relatives and another to Copenhagen with a couple friends from Singapore. Both were fun trips, although the week between them was short. I learned a lot about Singapore on my trip to Copenhagen talking with my two friends. Very much a group oriented society.
The weather has become increasingly warm, now I can keep my window open and go around in a short sleeved shirt. This past week I have had to focus more on studying to catch up and make up for time I won't have. I took a hike down to the lake on Saturday with a friend. The lake was really nice as well.
So that is a short and sweet recap of April. A lot more happened as well, but the business and routine of life is starting to set in.

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